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I'll post a BR AW and complaint, and then you can all call me a bitter old hag and tell me that I need to go post on the nest. 

I went in for my check up this morning, and since I'm almost 12 weeks, the Dr. tried to get the heartbeat on the doppler. Bad news - couldn't hear the HB, good news is we couldn't hear it cause Wolverine was moving all over the place (there were a bunch of "whoosh" sounds - which I thought was pretty cute).  I recorded the "whoosh" sounds and sent to DH, who is convinced that Wolverine is in there doing backflips. 

OB hasn't been too bad with appointments cause they hold slots for PG ladies to get checkups, but trying to schedule other appointments has been a nightmare. I haven't told my work that I'm PG yet* so trying to work in all of these specialist Dr. appointments has been difficult. I needed to see a neurologist for my migraines and get an EEG (2 appointments) get my US (which they don't do at the OB office), and see a perinatologist because of family history of high BP, and get another US. None of these offices have early/late/weekend hours so I always have to go in the middle of the day and just book a meeting on my calendar. They're also very limited on appts, and I have to call a bunch of offices to schedule around 2 business trips in June. It's a PITA. I have to go to the Perinatologist at a hospital in Philly 30+min away for a 7:15am apt, because it's the only time they have open - my local hospital has someone once a week, and no appointments until the end of June. 

*(I'm going to hold off another month and a half, if possible - i'm not showing yet, and have been working from home most of the time, so not like anyone would guess it from looking at me)

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    can you book a bunch of the appts on the same day?  because that would help.

    But, yeah, that, 'look, not public yet' thing makes it hard.
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    i wish i could. i modified my work schedule so i'm on a 9/80 with every other friday off - it would be great if i could schedule them on a friday or at least all at once so i could just take a sick or personal day. I did manage to get my EEG on the same date as my first OB appt, so i took the afternoon off as personal time, and then stopped by the lab to get my bloodwork done. 

    The offices have no flexibility. :-(
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    I swear my OB is the ONLY doc I go to that works on fridays--I do the 4-10's w/ fridays off and...well...nobody lets me get friday appts still.  I feel that pain.
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