Shoe Game!

I totally thought of FirstTimer - the shoe game was played on a Four Weddings episode.  Also she had to feel for her hubby and guess which one was him - close to your kissing game.  I'd never heard of games at a wedding but I think it's a cute idea!

Re: Shoe Game!

  • It was funny, I saw this game on pinterest last week (that's why FTL posted about it on the board) and I got so excited about doing it! A few days later one of my bridesmaid started telling me about this game I HAD to play at my wedding that she saw on 4 weddings. It was funny the timing of it lol. 
  • I wish I hadn't deleted the episode so FI could have seen it played in action - ah well!
  • hehhehe I love it :] 
    People seriously died over it... I'm glad you ladies like the idea! I had a few snarky brides on TK say how they would NEEVERRRR play GAMES at their WEDDING because it's not a birthday! but.. it was to pass the time while the caterer was cutting and passing out cake.. Soooo... I'm glad her guests were.. bored? lol ;)
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