Check for FI :o)

So, I delegated the responsibility fo choosing the wedding photographer to FI for a couple of reasons:

1. Although not his major, he studied photography during his undergraduate days and is kinda picky. He's talented and has the eye, whereas I think I the right arm in the air pics with your friends on a girl's night out are SPECTACULAR!

2. This planning isn't my thing so much so I get overwhelmed pretty easily. I needed help.

3. Darn it, I didn't want to do it.

So he made an appointment today to have a consultation with a photog! I'm excited! I didn't think he was going to follow through, but he did. I shouldn't doubt him, he always does.

I'll let ya know how it goes :o)

Re: Check for FI :o)

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    hurray! i lol'd on your #1.. while i too get overwhelmed with all this planning.  These inviations have been my new level of hell, but i had a breathrough tonight so anyways... I think its great FI did that all by himself, photog is major.  now to add more to his list :)
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    Yay for when FIs take initiative!
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