Wedding Woes

Would you still do it?

If you could do your wedding all over, would you even have one? 

I wish I could have seen into the future a year ago.  I would have skipped all of this hassle.  My best friend/BM and best guy friend both backed out last week.  I'm getting married in 25 days.  My venue only responds when money is involved.  Our tux people have lost our info 3 times.  I had to change MOH because of personal reasons.  My mother and FMIL do not get along.  In fact, my FMIL doesn't get along with a number of people coming to the wedding.  Most of my family is not attending.  My flower girl's dress came in and was too 15" too long. The alterations would have involved taking the dress completely apart because it was 2" to long in the shoulder, 1.5" in the waist and the rest off the bottom.  All of which would have cost more than twice what the original price of the dress was.  

We were supposed to get the remaining amount left in our $9500 budget, which at this point is looking like $100.  Everything goes up in cost when you say "wedding."  Everybody keeps saying that we won't regret it when we have the pictures.  All I have to say is that they better be some pretty damn good pictures.  I'm just ready for it all to be over.  I'm pretty easy going but this is just ridiculous.  Am I the only one out there ready to give up?

Re: Would you still do it?

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    Yes. I loved my wedding.
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    I would.  I had so much fun at my wedding.
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    You're going to have to let what happens, happen.

    Do you really want to have a stank face in all of your pictures, because you are worried about crazy people and too long dresses? I don't think you do.
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    I would, but thankfully our families get along great and we invited minimal people to a destination wedding.

    I would like more colour on what has happened that three people that are apparently very close to you have "backed out" or needed to be "switched" out of the wedding party.
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    My wedding was pretty damn stressful, and I still wouldn't change a thing. Actually, I'd have had more to drink and hired someone to keep my mom away from me, but otherwise it would be exactly the same.
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    I loved my wedding, but I am fortunate to not be surrounded by drama. My family and friends are pretty boring and pleasant.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    The only thing I would have changed is to order 2 kegs instead on 1.
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    I got to have all the people I care about most in the world in the same place at the same time.   I would love to have the chance to do that again.
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    Planning my wedding was super stressful - the venue was a real headache. However, the only thing I would change is that I would order more booze. My friends and family draaaaank it up.
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    i would have eaten more cake before it was taken away.  I WASN'T FINISHED!

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    My last wedding? Hell no. Instead of making a left I would have made a right and driven as far as the tank of gas could take me, refilled, driven again, refilled... you get the idea.

    But besides the fact that it was an embarrassment to the institution of marriage my groom was a total nightmare and his mother was even worse.
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    LOL at all these replies!

    I feel kinda like Colleen1721--all up in the stress part and having people's drama injected where it's not wanted!

    Looking forward to being able to respond like the rest of ya'll! :D
  • Colleen1721Colleen1721 member
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    Thank you for the encouraging words.  We are now 5 days away.  I have resolved myself to the fact that whatever happens, will happen.  I can't be superwoman and control everything.  I have to hope for the best and enjoy myself.  It is our day.  It is about us, not them.  Nothing is ever perfect.

    I'm sure I will look back on this day and laugh.  Good luck to those of you getting ready for your big day.  Congratulations to those of you have made it.
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