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Did anyone else have anxiety for a week after buying their dress?

I purchased my dress a few weeks ago, and have calmed down by now, but the first two days were terrible! I hate that David's Bridal, and everywhere else, slaps a very firm ALL SALES FINAL on everything. The dress is beautiful and I only went 100$ over budget (which was made up by saving on other aspects) so that wasn't my worry. I just kept wondering if it was the right one, if I could have found a better one, and Lord knows what else. My mind was racing, day and night, for week, and started calming down during the second week.

Am I alone in this?

Re: Did anyone else have anxiety for a week after buying their dress?

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    Yes, I thought that too b/c I ordered my dress almost a year out, and with all the new styles, trends, etc. I was freaking out thinking it would be outdated. Don't worry, you will look beatiful in it the day of your wedding. Plus, if it takes 6 mos to come in like mine did, when you pick it up and try it on, you will think, heck ya, I did make a good choice, this is awesome! That is exactly what I thought after freaking out that I wasn't gonna be happy b/c II had already paid for it and the sale was final. I think is is just a girl thing. You will be fine...
  • edited December 2011 panic attack came in the store the first time I attempted to try on dresses.  My sister/MOH took one look at me, saw my face, and dragged me into the dressing room just before I had a total meltdown and started crying hysterically, hyperventilating, and shaking.  It had nothing to do with a dress, or the actual shopping for a dress...being in the store was just a trigger.  However, it was enough to make me question for several months whether or not I should be getting married.  Attempt #2 was far more successful, and I found a great dress that I had absolutely no reservations about purchasing.  I think any time you buy something knowing that you can't bring it back you get a little nervous, but I'm sure you have NOTHING to worry about.

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    You are not alone. I panicked the week before and the week after. I knew I loved the dress but my dilemma was what color to order it in. I felt that no matter what color I ordered it in, I would regret it and want the other option. (Sample gown is in pearl, I ordered it in white.) It came in a head of schedule and once I tried it on I felt relief. Since then, I have found many other dresses in magazines that I like but my heart is still set on the one hanging in the spare bedroom.

    And yes, I agree that the "ALL SALES FINAL" disclaimer is rather scary!

    Breathe. You will be beautiful!
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    I didn't panic at all.

    Reason 1. I'm on drugs for that! LOL
    Reason 2. I am doing a reserve order for the dress at DB.  I am basically making payments on it and when I pay it off, they will order it for me.  There is a fee of 10% of the cost of the dress if I don't end up buying it, but that can be transferred to the cost of a different DB dress if I change my mind. I chose this method on purpose, in case I decide I want something else.  I have until March 10th. 
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    Yes, yes, yes!
    My panic moment came as soon as my credit card was processed!
    I was relieved to find a dress I loved but I was so worried that maybe there were better ones out there. Even though I love my dress, there are just SO many to choose from that I was questioning my choice for a little while after. Now, I'm just so excited to see it again...only one more month of waiting!
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    You will always look pretty in more than one dress. I say once you get that "omg this is THE ONE!" feeling, take it :)

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    You guys are awesome :) Thanks for making me feel normal! Good luck!
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    What do you take? My dr. reccomended something to help with my anxiety but I'm so afraid to take anything...the side effects are scary
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    No panic.  Loved the dress the day I found it and ordered it, loved it when it came in, loved it during fittings, loved it on my wedding day.

    Wish I could see it through the box it's been preserved in, but at least there are the photos.
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    So glad to know it's not just me!  I had a mini-meltdown in the dressing room not knowing how to decide.  Finally pulled it together and decided I liked one of the dresses (even though it was never actually ON my body - just held up in front 'cause the sample was a 6 & I'm a 16).  Then all of a sudden I had ordered a non-refundable dress, veil and headpiece in IVORY, when I had always envisioned white.  I had a MAJOR meltdown that night.  I have since calmed down consisderably, but I am still stressing over the color and whether or not I will actually like the dress once it comes in (won't get here 'til first week in June, my wedding is July 11), and what will happen if I don't.  Anyone have any advice on how to get past this?
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    First, take a deep breath.  I freaked out after I made my final decision and called my older sister crying hysterically.  She told me she had second thoughts and anxiety after she decided on her dress too and that it was completely normal.  I thought about going and looking at more (not that I was going to be able to buy another one).  My sister convinced me to STOP looking and trust my gut. 

    Well, that was four months ago and my dress arrived Friday.  I went first thing Saturday morning to try it on and I fell in love with it all over again and cried with excitement.  Moral of the story: trust your gut!!  You will love it as much as I loved mine-I promise. 
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    I did slightly.  I had come down to 2 dresses, and I just knew when I swiped the card, I'd end up wanting the other one instead.  But when I went in with my bridesmaids and my mom 2 months later to try it on again, I felt much better. 

    You're not alone!
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    I never had that "this is the one" moment.  I am wearing two dresses.  I ordered them in August and only one has come in and it is a mess.  The entire bottom half of the dress needs to be re-done.  I am freaking out.  I am going for the fitting on Thursday and I don't even want to go.  I want to scarp the whole wedding dress thing and put a white bathing suit on and call it a day.  Which would work for my beach ceremony but not my formal reception.  I hated the entire dress shopping process.  I know I don't think I am making the right choice.  I just have a bad feeling about all of it.  I have been a complete mess over it and kinda want to go get a new dress but not sure if I have enough time. 

    So to answer your question, NO, you are not alone.

    Sorry just needed to vent, thanks for listening
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    Nope you are definitely not alone!  I purchased my dress under vey unique circumstances!  I was on vacation with my FI in New Zealand, while he was off doing a Lord of the RIngs tour I went shopping and stumbled upon a dress boutique.  I instantly fell in love with the dress in the shop window.  I hadn't even been dress shopping yet!!!!

    I tried it on a fell even more in love with it. The dress fit me perfect, like it was made for me!!! My dilemma was that we we only in the city for 1 day because we were on a coach tour.  I had 4 hours to decide if I wanted to buy the dress. After a few long distance calls to my mom I decide to buy it.

    I had soooo much aniexty after that, think what the heck did I do?!!?

    But honestly i LOVE it!!! I try it on almost every week :-)  If I didn't buy that dress i would have completely regretted it for the rest of my life!
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    I had the same feelings and nervousness.  Still do a little bit.  I ordered my dress 2 weeks ago.  I know that this is the one, but there is that voice saying what if you find something better.  Everywhere you look you see other dresses and that doesn't help.  I always end up comparing them to mine.  I know though that I made the right decision.  I just can't wait to get my dress in and try it on again.  I feel like that will take away all the anxiety.  I am glad that I am not alone or crazy in this,

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    My anxiety wasn't so much when I made the purchase, but when I saw the bill for the alterations.  I thought OMG, is this right?  Should I have gone for one that fit better to begin with?  The anxiety was REALLY bad when I walked into DB to purchase the flower girls dress and the new spring line had come in.  I had just recieved the bridesmaid dresses 2 weeks before.  I was so upset, but all in all, I know what I picked will be just fine.
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    I totally did. I am a bigger girl and going shopping for clothes always ends with me being very frustrated. So when it came to go shopping I was super nervous and was scared nothing would fit, look good, I would be super self concious, or a dress i like they wouldnt have in my size. But when it actually came time to try on dresses the lady who was helping me was more then helpful and my shopping experiance was painless the 3rd dress I tried on was it, and it fit me perfectly I dont really need to get it altered which was a relief. 
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    Update: So I went Thursday for my fitting and the seamstress never showed up.  I had enough and took it as a sign that this dress was not meant to be.  So I went to a different shop and had a great experience.  My mom was all smiles when I tried on this one dress...and I knew that was that.  SO I BOUGHT IT! And now I am excited and a lot less stressed out.  

    It is hard to tell the difference between a gut feeling and just being a worried bride.  I guess my gut was right.  

    Thanks again for listening
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    Yeah I am still having anxiety.  I am the most indecisive person in the world.  I went shopping the first time (pre-mom with me) to narrow it down.  I fell in love with a dress.  When I went back with mom (she didn't know I had already gone), I had it down to the dress I secretly loved and another dress.  She liked both and I ended up going for the second.  For the longest time, I wondered if I made the right choice.I had finally made a decision and get me wrong I love my dress.  Now my anxiety has gone to what if it doesn't fit.  The dress I tried on fit me great so we ordered that size but with stress I feel I gained a little weight.  I am worried about the first time I put it on again. 
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