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Olympics confession

I hate gymnastics. Women's Moreno than men's gymnastics. Everyone loves watching it but that freakshow needs to air on MSNBC at 1 am.

Re: Olympics confession

  • I secretly hope and alternately dread someone falling on the beam and bashing their head in.
  • I hate the Olympics, period. 
  • I like some of the gymnastics.  I really love the the mens rings and the womens floor exercises.  I like the parallel bar the first few routines and then I remember they all look the same.  Same goes for the mens pommel horse routines.  I do love the balance beam.

    I do not like anything that involves twirling anything such as a ribbon.
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    Men's high bar is one of my favorites.  I also gawk at how strong men are on rings. 
  • I love gymnastics.  It's the #1 Olympic sport I watch.  (however, I'm vastly prefering the live streams as opposed to the "we must make this all dramatic" prime-time commentary as of late).

    I also like some of the other artistic events like diving.

    I hate Track and Field.  Oh how it bores me.  I only somewhat like swimming races.
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