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teen mom 2 - i finally watched

so she bought clothes for the concert, made hotel room arrangements for the concert, and she can't go to jail because of this damned concert. but sshe also can't do probation because she doesn't want to stop smoking pot.

and what exactly is the reason her lawyer is being so nice about it all?

oh and the best part, when her probation officer gave her a drug test and she failed but then wanted Barb to bail her out. i guess it was so she wouldn't miss the concert. i wonder if Barb bailed her out - do you know?

i'm getting annoyed about it all over again.

Re: teen mom 2 - i finally watched

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    I don't know if Barb went to get her.  I saw the preview for next week and they're both at the house fighting (in front of Jace, of course), so I'm not sure.  Jenelle probably convinced one of her winner friends to come get her.

    I have no idea what this lawyer is doing.  Maybe he just wants to be on tv?  You'd think the only business it would attract is others like Janelle but maybe that's his gig.

    How about Kailyn?  She was back to having Jordan babysit for her in no time.  She should be ashamed.  In the first episode she said it wasn't fair to only be with Jordan because he helps her and does stuff for her, yet that is exactly what she is doing.

    Leah and Cory's divorce day was so bizarre.  How long did they sit on that bench in silence?  Great suggestion, mtv. Make them sit and talk to each other outside the courthouse. SMDH

    Chelsea is just stupid.  Oh, Adam is being a douche?  Never saw that coming.
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    Kailynn - she wanted to get every other weekend just for the sake of seeing Jo in court. i think she is crazy for caring so much about what he is doing in his free time. maybe im in the minority, but if his mom is watching Isaac and the kid is asleep, who cares if he goes out.

    Chelsea - I laughed when I heard that her dad sat and qwatched adam move his stuff out. hey, if she wants to act like a kid and have her dad support her every move, then she gets treated like a kid. and SHOCK AND SURPRISE, adam gave her the cold shoulder afterwards instead of manning up and talking to her dad.

    Leah - I FF'd most of her. big deal , he bought a truck. i think she is trying to deflect the blame of their divorce onto him, because i remember that they had problems coming from the fact that she cheated on him during the week before their wedding.
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    I don't think it's a big deal for Jo to go out at night after Isaac is asleep.  As long as he's right there in the morning when Isaac wakes up and isn't too hungover to interact with him, I think it's ok.

    I think part of what they're going to bring up in court is the fact that he's underage.
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