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6let preschool evaluation

He likes to wrestle with the boys and do anything with numbers.  He does not like crafts.  AT ALL.  He may not look like DH and I, but he's clearly ours.

Re: 6let preschool evaluation

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    I think 6let is your DH's mini-me. 

    The rest of that is funny.
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    He'd totally be your H's mini-me more if he never smiled. that kid ALWAYS smiles.
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    Too funny.  We always get the M2 looks like him, but nobody irl thinks he looks like us.  They did say he's a really happy kid.
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    I've always thought he looks A LOT like you!  And M2 looks exactly like your H.  People are crazy.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    I'll be interested to see how M3 plays out.

    So far, your kids remind me of DH and his brothers.  I think 6let is a pretty good merge of the two of you (he looks like your DH but with your eye shape and smiles), M2 is definitely your DH, so we'll see if new M3 is your mini-me, yes?  :)

    DH's oldest is the merge between FIL/MIL; DH is middle and is completely FIL's twin and youngest BIL is a masculine copy of MIL.
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