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Oh hell no

About a week ago, a recruiter left me a voicemail on my work phone asking if I was interested in new jobs. I erased it. I'm not stupid enough to take a call about a new job while at work on my work phone. It's also pretty clear from my voicemail that you've reached my desk, not a personal line. This MFer called back. But instead of leaving me a voicemail, left a message with the answering service. I am going to rip him a new one. Mfing idiot.

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    Why is it bad for your current employer to know that you are being approached for other jobs?  I can understand not calling them back to discuss from your desk, but just trying to make initial contact shouldn't hurt you.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    The answering service is similar to throne used for a doctor's office. It's for emergencies only (and my VM states that). I should have made that clear. Instead of patients, it's for medical professionals calling about emergencies.
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    Yeah. I'd call them back and rip them a new one. I'd also make damn sure they don't do that again.

    But I also don't see how this reflects poorly on you. He's the dumbass.

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