Wedding Woes

Petty gripes

I need to get them out now.

1. Anytime I post something on fb it prompts a call/text/e-mail from MIL.  I put something about the furnace being broken and she calls freaking out that we are freezing.  Then she's trying to troubleshoot.  Really, you think you're smarter than DH?

2. DH had 2 tasks- find a new spot for his ironing board and tell his mom not to put anything on fb about baby until we do.  He's done neither.  Yeah, yeah he's let me sleep in and he's tried to fix the furnace, but he's had months to do those stupid little things.

3. Everybody under the sun has offered us help, except MIL.  She's just said "I'll be there Monday and Tuesday night."  No offer to help my mom with 6let.  No offer to help DH.  No offer to come if we need her at another time.  No offer to bring food.  She hasn't even said " don't worry about me."

I know these are petty.  I don't care.

Re: Petty gripes

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