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I have a friend with a daughter the same age as Autumn. Since they were about 2 something seemed off with the daughter. She wasn't doing things at the same rate as Autumn. Kids do everything at different rates so I hoped that was it.

We kind of lost touch after they were about 3.5 but I still had this feeling something was not right.

I talked to her today and the daughter was diagnosed with ADHD last month and had to start ritalin. :( But, she is finally able to learn and sit still in school and she is doing SO much better. In fact she told the daughter "the medicine will help you sit still and pay attention with your friends" The response " REALLY mom!? That's great"

She KNEW something wasn't right yet her own mom didn't investigate and the teacher had to point it out.

I wish I would have said something a long time ago but how do you even do that to your friend (or a stranger)?

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