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About 6 months ago, my soon-to-be MIL showed us all (myself, fiance, mom and her husband) a photo of the dress she choose... it's a bridal gown! Granted, she is having it made in blue, it's fancier than my gown! Our wedding & reception are at the same location, a bed and breakfast, outside on a patio just before sunset. My dress would probably be considered semi-formal. It is certainly a bridal gown but it is not the most fancy- and for good reason - Fi and I have known we do not want super-fancy for our special day and everyone has known that.
While I can't do anything about all of my FMIL's awful ways and issues she has caused, I am concerned about her dress. Talking to her about it has not solved anything either - my mom even tried discussing it with her but I was the one who got the response by both FMIL and FFIL, saying, "No one has any right to tell anyone what they should and should not wear." I agree but my mom simply stated that the wedding is not super formal and mentioned that I was upset by her dress but chose not to say anything because I did not want to cause more problems (there have been dozens of issues caused by FMIL).

Any other suggestions? Has anyone gone through this? She's been caught saying that she "will be the most beautiful woman at my sons wedding" and many awful things about me and my family. I know she just wants to be the center of attention... but I just don't know if I have any right to say anything more than I have.

Did I mention this is the 2nd dress she bought? When she showed us this photo, she showed us another of a BEAUTIFUL dress that was much more appropriate saying "this is my back-up dress in case the other one does not work". We've all suggested she wear that one but it's not what she wants.... so what's left?


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  • hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    stop caring.  if she wants to dress ... like that, that's on her.  you can't change her mind or her outfit (unless you set it on fire) so stop caring.
  • **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    Well, your Future Inlaws are right.  You technically cannot tell anyone what to wear, especially adults.

    BUT, you can take assurance in the fact that your fMIL will most likely look like an idiot, and practice your disguised snickering now.
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    If she wants to sit on a patio looking like Scarlett O'Hara, let her.

  • ReturnOfKuusReturnOfKuus member
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    She's going to look like such an ass, and people are going to point and snicker.  Be sure to take pictures and post them here so we can join in the snickering.
  • jwinholdjwinhold member
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    Ha!! Hmm... since we are having 2 photographers, I'll be sure to ask one to get the guests as she enters the ceremony looking like that.

    Thanks all!
  • snyc2011snyc2011 member
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    I agree - she's going to look like a complete idiot.  It's hard, but just let it go.  The day of, you'll find it funny how many weird looks she's going to get, and how many people will comment on the absurdity of it behind her back. 
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