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San Antonio

what should we do there? we're going Thursday -Monday. Please keep in mind we will have a 6 month old with us, so it's somewhat limiting.

we're staying within walking distance of the riverwalk, and have already decided to hold off on Sea World until Wolverine is old enough to enjoy it.

Restaurant recs would be good - Wolverine is generally well behaved when we go out (and we go out pretty often) so nice restaurants are fair game.

If yinz are lucky, I'll provide a Bill and Kelly-style account of the trip upon my return.

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    Hit up the Mercado.  They're fun for browsing, but you can also find some neat stuff.

    There's also the Mission trail.  There's a pretty big one right outside the city w/a functioning church.

    take a boat ride. 

    oh and there's a super old historic hotel that's fun to wander in. the name is escaping me.

    and of course, you have to visit the alamo, if you've never been.
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    oh a wandering the riverwalk is always entertaining,

    the river goes right thru the hyatt (i think), which is neat
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    Casa Rio!!! Amazing Mexican food, quick and really cheap... plus you get to eat outside if you want! We also went to the Saltgrass Steakhouse (I think it was steakhouse, but it was definitely Saltgrass).

    FI and I just went there 2 weeks ago for work. It was a lot of fun. I will admit, I would've been bored if we had stayed any longer, but the riverwalk is so nice.

    You can check out the Alamo too. It doesn't take a lot of time if you're not a real history buff, but totally worth seeing since you'll be there.

    We spent most of the time just walking up and down the riverwalk. He had a conference there so while he was stuck inside, I went to the pool at the hotel and the gym.

    Have fun!
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    definitely eat at paesano's on the riverwalk (nice, italian food). there is an imax at the rivercenter mall at the end of the riverwalk near the alamo. and there's also a ripley's museum across the street from the alamo (although, i've never been).
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