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Make a life changing difference for this POOR bride!

Hey all!

My fiancee and I are broke and can't afford a ceremony anytime soon, even if we wanted to do a SMALL wedding.  However, an opportunity presented itself and we've made it all the way to the top 8 for a FREE wedding!  And when I say free, I mean down to the dresses, hair, cake, and honeymoon!

Please, please.... PLEASE take a moment to vote at least once, or once a DAY if you can remember!  Think of it this way, what would YOU do for a free wedding?

We are couple #3 at the link below - Halie and Johnnie 

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! (if anything has something similar let me know and I can certainly return the favor)

Re: Make a life changing difference for this POOR bride!

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    Wasn't there someone on here not very long who was regretting winning a free wedding because the company, like most things, if it is too good to be true it probably isn't.

    Have the wedding you can afford even if that means going to city hall and inviting friends over for hot dogs in the back yard.  Weddings can be meaningful and fun on any budget.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Grow up and pay for your own wedding.

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    Elle - I responded to the last post again, so I hope you go back to that one and understand.  I've stopped soliciting for votes and hope to become active on here if I don't win the contest.  Not trying to make enemies or friends, it was just an idea for strategy and obviously a bad one - I'm not too prideful to see that.
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    zsazsa-stl  - I hadn't seen that post, but I guess that's the risk I'm taking!  Thank you for the advice.
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