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The Mad Men Party

It was good.  I had 8 people that were for sure coming and another 8 or more "maybe" responses.  One couple had to cancel, last minute and none of the maybes came, but our little group was so much fun.  Two couples really took it seriously and dressed up in skinny ties and cat-eyed glasses.  I'll post pictures on FB at some point although I didn't get the greatest pictures.

The 60s suburban menu: chex mix, veggies and dip, chips, shrimp cocktail, pigs in a blanket, knox blocks and oreo cookies.  I made deviled eggs and completely forgot to put them out!  Anyone want a deviled egg?

I also made some little cups of "mystery" jello.  I put a foreign object in each cup.  I really liked the lemon jello with a suspended glob of lime curd.  And the guy that I got to eat the sweet pickle jello actually said it wasn't bad.  Who knew?

The candy cigarettes that Nico sent were a HUGE hit.  One of my friends is assistant dean of her college.  She took a pack to pull out during her staff meeting today.


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