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HMo re Twitter

Twitter helps me keep the snark under control.  Sometimes I have to be careful, b/c I connected my Twitter and FB.  I keep thinking I need to undo that, but it's time consuming updating EVERYTHING.

I would totally follow you.  Just think, you could share your Tough Love commentary with the WORLD!!!!  I'm super stoked for 2012, when I can twitter my thoughts about Palin when she starts debating again.  Oh joy, o rapture, unforeseen!

Re: HMo re Twitter

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    hmonkeyhmonkey member
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    one of my classmates wants me to get on twitter just so i can tweet during idkiwp. 

    you know that the only thing i want to tweet about is tv. and probably stupid people i see irl, especially people who lean on the metro poles.  STOP THAT, IDIOTS.
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