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I recently got engaged and am so excited. But there is one problem. My mother. I called and told her the good news and she said I believe it when I see it. This is supposed to be a really special time for me . My family were so excited when my cousin got marrired and helped her with everything. But not me I am going through this alone. What should I do? Should I have my wedding without them? Help

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    Give her some time.  Hopefully she will come around and support your decision.

    Does she have reason to be wary about this?

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Your mother may come around. She may not. It's hard to make that call as you know her better than we do. My mother actually cut ties with me a couple years ago and has been absent from the whole wedding process. She doesnt even know I am getting married. Do I wish she was around? Yes, of course. A girl imagines her mother will be right beside her through one of the most important times in her life. But if she is absent (or has the wrong attitude about it) I suggest that you surround yourself with people who do support, love and encourage you. I will not allow someone to steal my joy and neither should you. Hang onto your hubby-to-be and any other special people in your life.
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    "I called and told her the good news and she said I believe it when I see it."

    why would she say this?
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    This sounds like it's the tip of a very crazy and hurtful iceburg.  Plan your wedding on your own with a close friend.  You will thank yourself for it later.  I'm having problems and kept my parents involved and it's horrible.  My friends disinvolved their parents and they say it was the best decision they've made.
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    And P.S. I know you feel alone, but remember your wonderful fiance.  He chose you and loves you so much.  Focus on that.
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    Thanks for all the kind words and y'all are absoulutely right. My mother said I believe it when I see it because a relationship went wrong where we didn't get married. My mother and I have never really been close. So I have decided to focus on what's important me and my FI . This is our day and if they can't accept that we are getting married its their lost.
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