Wedding Woes

Baby Shower was a WIN

Baby was adorable, didn't make a peep the whole time and I kind of shied away from holding her. I figured I would take special time to visit friend and hold her then instead.  I'm still weird about holding babies, but whatever.

Convo included:

1.  La Leche league
2.  Nipple Shields
3.  Blow Outs (and not the hair coif kind)
4.  Nail clipping

I loved that baby, she was seriously perfect, but I am still not ready for kids.  ::sigh::

Though everyone always swears up and down that I'll be an awesome mom.

Foot in the mouth moment:

Coworker of friend said that her relative had twins at 30 weeks and they're both under 1.5 pounds.  I turned to other coworker and said, "I've POOPED bigger than 1.5 lbs".  OOps.

Re: Baby Shower was a WIN

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