Wedding Woes

damnit. I walked away from the microwave at work

and melted my gladware.
and now the smell will piss off the secretary (sorry!)

And worst of all, I lost the last of my leftover honey pecan pork.
I've been looking fwd to that ALL DAY.

Re: damnit. I walked away from the microwave at work

  • good lord. What did you have the microwave set for?

  • 2 minutes or so.
    It shouldn't have melted...I have no idea why it did.

  • The honey. I've melted Gladwares on a minute or two with anything that has a sugar in it. It heats too quickly or something. 
  • damn it, I could have put it on a paper plate but I thought it'd be OK.

  • So think of how much of that plastic you would have been eating if you had stopped it just before the entire container melted.  Stop microwaving in plastic, people!


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • Psh, and dirty another dish? If I ever get cancer, I'm just going to think of all the time I saved by microwaving in plastic and not having to run the dishwasher for a third time a day. 

    Yes. That lazy. 
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