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This guy is SUCH an ass

I'm 99% sure I've told stories of this guy before.  He's a pompus ass.  And a Biologist--full Prof.  And he manages to condescend to peple enough that he successfully encourages people to be scared to learn things.

So, yesterday, there was a bat in our building.
People freaked out, there was screaming, it was eventually shooed outside.  All is well.

One of the people who was freaked out and screamed is a normally level-headed secretary.  This person is NOT a scientist and doesn't normally fluster this much--either it was drama-whoring (possible) or winged rodents really freak her out (possible) or a combination of the 2 (likely).
So I walk through her office area and 2 Profs are discussing bats and why they aren't a huge rabies risk, they get a bad rap, etc.

Secretary asks what purpose they serve.

Both Profs laugh a little bit, the nicer prof starts to say someting about misquitos/bugs--ya know, the good bat PR.  Prof Asshole talks over him, and I quote "well, that's a PROFOUND misunderstanding of evolution.  Things, animals, they don't serve a purpose, they just are...*blah blah blah blah blah*"  And monopolized the discussin and killed any discussion of why we shouldn't wipe out bats and criticized the desire to see bats as something beneficial/attractive/cute/whatever.

Way to discourage people from asking questions.  And people wonder why I work so hard to keep him away from my middle-school-groups.

Re: This guy is SUCH an ass

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    Someone needs to remind him that people NOT knowing everything that he knows is why he has a job and a paycheck.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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