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I'm babysitting for a friend's kids next week. Their daycare is closed, so they need me for 3 6-9 hour days. They asked me how much I charged, and I told them I didn't want to be paid. I love their kids, they've done a ton for us, I don't have anything else going on, and I want to help them out.

When I told them I wouldn't accept payment they told me to either tell them my rate, or expect to get showered with gift cards to spas and shops. I know they absolutely won't take no for an answer. 

There's a fine line between graciously refusing and being rude, so I obviously want to be on the right side of that. Do I give them a rate, tell them I'd love a spa gift certificate, or continue to refuse and politely thank them for whatever they force into my hands once I'm at their house?


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    How old are the kids / how many are there? $200-250 for the week seem fair? I'm sure they would have spent more if the kids had been in daycare. 

    ETA: at $200, you'd be looking at anywhere from about $7-$11/hour based on how many hours they actually had you watch the kids. 

    also, can you bring Herbert to keep them in line? ;-)

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    Politely thank them for the spa gift cards, and then enjoy.
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    for three days only?  thank goodness.  you know most nannies quit after two days.

    considering they won't take no for an answer, do you think they would balk at a rate they think is too low?  if you are close enough with them, name a moderate rate and just tell them that you don't plan to give the kids good care, just adequate care.

    otherwise, i would say gift card.

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    The kids are 2 and 6 months.
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    take the spa cards politely thank them.

    At those ages you're going to be run ragged. They're fun at 2 but a handful.
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    I'd probably continue to refuse payment.  If you happen to know what they pay for daycare maybe ask for half of that.  Daycare here for those ages would be $200 total so I'd say $100.  $100 was also my initial thought for what I would say as my rate.
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