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how closely do you follow the weight range on the box?

wolverine is just under 20lbs and is wearing 3s  (16-28lbs, Pampers)

i'm wondering for stock up purposes if it would be worthwhile to get any 4s, or just get, say 2 more boxes of 3s, figuring she'll need them for at least the next 3-4 months.

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    I get the smallest size possible that they won't leak out of.  Their weight gain slows down significantly around this time.  I say stick with the 2s for a few more boxes.
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    DefConn's just over 20lbs and wearing 4's because 3's started to look like thongs on him. And that's weird because he has no butt.   Besides having no butt, he's a solid kid.

    ETA: And he was leaking out a lot at night and if he had a big poo.
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    We use Huggies overnights.
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    huggies seem to run smaller than pampers overall.
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    We were uppping sizes constantly but I grabbed 4's when there was a kickass sale but we're in 3's indefinately...
    I tink if you have a 'small' kid, they follow well.  Can't speak for 'big' kids
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    DD was a chunk and still is.  We were always in a size up from the recommended weight on the box.
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    In Response to Re: diapers:
    [QUOTE}i dont think huggies is all that great for most boys.
    Posted by Wifezzilla[/QUOTE]

    This. We had to stop using Huggies fairly early on because of this.

    A is about 25lbs and wears Pampers Cruisers size 4's.
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    My ILs got us a shitton of 3s but M isn't even 16lbs yet. But they seem to work. When I buy I still get 2s but have the 3s on hand (they go to daycare). When she was born she was in newborn size for a long time but we could make 1s work if we had to.
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    tawillerstawillers member
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    I also agree that huggies seem to run smaller than pampers, but I've had better experiences with huggies over the last 2.5 years.  I do like Pampers Cruisers for DD1 since she's gotten into size 5s but otherwise I buy huggies.

    ETA:  I don't ever pay attention to the weight on the boxes.  I just buy the next size when it's clear we're ready for them.
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