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Since it's slow

I was watching TruTV last night.

A guy was talking to his gf (on camera) and she was saying she could identify any food by the taste (eyes closed).

So he tells her to open her mouth and close her eyes, she does.

He puts a MOUSE TRAP on her tongue, which of course goes off.

She's screaming and he seems surprised.

So - if someone did this to you...
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Re: Since it's slow

  • and for kuus

    What would you do?

    Cry but do nothing in return
    Immediately find the nearest lamp and smash it over his head
    Assume this was their way of ending the relationship and pack his sht for him
    Wait until he's asleep and put a mouse trap on his peen

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  • I vote for immediate revenge, though I'd still leave him.
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  • She was in agony, so short of "fck you" and "get out" and "I hate you" she mostly rolled around gagging from the pain and scream/crying
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  • You neglected murder on this list.  Or beat the ever loving F out of, b/c I'm pretty sure that's what I'd do.

    Then I'd kick his ass out.
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