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So I have 12 days of PTO

I had no idea I had that much (I seriously thought I had way less). Now I'm annoyed with myself because I doubt I'll be able to use it all and it doesn't carryover. Plus its always a PITA to get days off because someone has to provide coverage and with the holidays coming up, and me forgetting, i probbaly get to play back up. Looks like someone is going to take some random days off.

Re: So I have 12 days of PTO

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    Can you take a random day in the middle of travel?   That could be fun.
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    I don't have any where I'm going that I really want to stay (plus stay overs are hard to do with billing and all that). Lesson learned: be aware of your PTO balance. And this is good for me next year when we take 12 days off for our big vacay.
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    It's easier to pay attention to PTO when you only have 10 days total.  Whomp, whomp.  :(

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    could you take them in hourly increments, or half days?

    i usually save at least 8 hours of PTO for an hour here and there at the end of the year. if i cant use them, i can get it paid out ot me as long as i have at least 4 hours unallocated.

    but i am lucky. we can keep track and plan PTO online.
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    Half days would be good if they let it.

    I'm still shocked DH has had enough PTO to take a few vacation days, some sick time, and he'll be able to take a week to consult at the mill.  Not a single minute of that counts against paternity leave.
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