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About to scream!

Hey ladies

Long story short, I have no close friends and my sister has decided to have nothing to do with my fiance and I AND not be in the wedding after she accepted when I asked her to be my maid of honor. At this point, I need some support! My mom has been great, but she has way too much going on at work to help me with a lot of things. Texas brides, I need some gals to back me up!

Ironically, I started a blog to help brides with this same problem, but now I need my own help!

Re: About to scream!

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    And what, exactly, do you propose these Texas brides do for you?
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    Local boards are on the left; that's where you'll find your Texas brides.  But if you're getting overwhelmed by wedding stuff, I'd scale it back until you and your FI can handle it, or hire a professional.  
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:cbd7641b-c8f1-4920-a6a9-9fc322fe5d56Post:113b2ff6-0406-4ed4-b6e5-1d32c55ca92a">About to scream!</a>:
    [QUOTE]My mom has been great, but she has way too much going on at work to help me with a lot of things. Posted by lwhitneyr[/QUOTE]

    I'm really sorry your sister bailed. That being said, why does your mom have to help you with "a lot of things"? The wedding planning should be done by you and your fiance. Just because he's male doesn't mean he can't contribute.
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    Although I have a handful of very close girlfriends and two sisters, I opted to not have a bridal party.  We wanted a very simple ceremony with just the two of us and our friend who will be marrying us at the venue.  I knew that having no bridal party meant having little help from others due to work schedules, financial stresses, and age.  That was totally fine by both myself and my FI because we are very independent and love to do things our way. 

    We decided to choose a venue that included as much as possible in the price...the coordinator at the venue decorates the entire space with whatever colors, linens, decorations that we want.  He also sets up the food room with the chaffing dishes, plates, silverware etc. and has the bars set up with all the beverages we will be offering.  The only thing that we really have to do is book the DJ, Photographers, Caterers and Cake...the coordinator even takes care of deliveries the day of. 

    Maybe if you found something like this, it would help take some of the stress away?  If this is not an option for you due to finances or whatnot, then maybe you should consider scaling down the wedding to something super intimate and special but not overly excessive. 

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