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I sent my invitations out last week, and one of my friends that we invited has a boyfriend. They've been together about 3-4 months now, and he's a druggie/sometimes dealer. I didn't want him at my wedding.. we don't know him, he seems to use people to get free stuff, not interested in knowing any of us. We chose to invite "Miss Tooty Fruity" and not include a guest or her boyfriend's name... we intended to just have her. I guess we didn't make it clear enough since she RSVP'd "2" and I know she intends to bring her boyfriend.

It's small, it's stupid. It's majorlying ticking me off and I have no idea if I should even say anything about it.
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Re: Uninvited guest...

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    You have to invite social units, and her social cluster is her and her boyfriend. You invite them both or you don't invite either.

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    I woudn't want him there either. I would have probably not invited her in the first place because it's only right if you invite her, you invite the significant other. I'd have someone keeping an eye on the card box the entire time. I'd also go against etiquette here and tell her you don't have room for him. She might not come but I'd say its worth it
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    are you prepared to lose her as a friend over this? if so, i'd tell her that you're sorry that she misunderstood, but he is not invited to the wedding.

    if she's a good friend then you should be honest about your feelings on her realtionship - you don't like the fact that he uses/sells drugs, and don't want anything to do with the guy - and you're concerned about her being in a relationship with someone like that.

    or if you don't want to get into that you can just tell her that you are already over budget/guest list/etc. and really don't have the room for dates.

    there's inviting a "social unit" and inviting a social unit. - OP may not consider this girl and her druggie flavor of the month a social unit.
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    I think it's okay to say hell no to people who take and sell drugs coming to your wedding.  Remember the DEA bust wedding story Ww used to tell?
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    Honestly I think in this case its fine to say sorry but he isnt invited.  I would not want someone who could potentially be using or trying to sell drugs at my wedding!  I feel like I would be a bad host bc I would be putting my other guests in a bad situation.  
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