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Mini grr and what do you think?

I need an add on gift for my nieces and nephews.  I found some pretty birthstone ornaments, but they are a little over price ($13) and I like to stay at or under $10.

Elegant Glass Birthstone Ornaments

Then I found these wood ones that are also pretty cool ($11)

I'm really annoyed because Kohls had these for $5 (which I could get down to $3), but you can only get certain names. Only one name of the 6 I need are on it.

Re: Mini grr and what do you think?

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    how old are the kids? what's your price point? does everyone need to have the same thing?

    i would just get something that they can use any time, or something that's a one-time use - not something to display 4-6 weeks out of the year
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    I don't do crafts.  period. 

    Kids are 6-15 and there are 8 of them.  They are all getting gift cards to their place of choice (or parent choice). I just like to add on something in the $10 and under range that is tangible/edible.  I ran across some "yard of hot chocolate/twizzlers/caramel corn" at World Market, but it was $15. 
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    ah, that makes more sense.

    Both ornament options seem kinda expensive for what they are...I don't dislike ornaments but I'm 'meh' about these.

    I know in my family, giving the 'kids' (of all ages) something to entertain them (like, I dunno, nerf guns, flying screaming monkeys, etc--even travel games of some sort or cheap games for everyone) in the $10 range with the plan that everyone can engage in a shooting free for all post-presents would fly--but that could lead to chaos, so YMMV.
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    They have so many nerf guns, games, books, blah blah blah it's hard to find something.  I may need to go back to something edible.  I did the gourmet caramel apples once, but now they are getting into braces....
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    I know you already give GCs, but would the teenagers prefer an itunes gc?  The older kids probably don't care too much about having stuff to open.

    Are the teenagers girls?  Target has a $1 section in the cosmetics.  The ELF stuff is $1 and $3.  Maybe you could grab a handful of brushes or eye shadows or lip glosses?

    I can't come up with anything for the younger ones right now.

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    i am going to suggest body lotions from bath&body works or the body shop, and you could get them for the boys and girls. there should be nice masculine scents for lotions or soaps at the body shop.

    just a thought, and you'll spend far less than $10 a kid. maybe you could get away with $5 a kid. at age 10, they are probably starting to get into vanity anyway. encourage those little sinners!!
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    I also always vote for the life savers books :)
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    Alright, ornaments scrapped.  I'm not doing another iTunes or gc (only have can use iTunes anyway).  The girls honestly don't wear makeup much.  Plus the youngest is a 6 yo girl and wants to much to be like the older ones.  I can't give her something different. 

    I like the body works stuff though.  I really like that since I have a $25 gc that's over a year old.  When do they start having sales?

    Hmmmm, lifesavers books are good too. 

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    and those 'candy canes' filled w/ hershey kisses and M&Ms.
    (I was an easily pacified kid--so may not be exciting for kids who aren't candy deprived :)
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    they are always having sales. i hear november 23rd is a hot shopping day.

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    B&BW always has sales. 
    Think Geek also has a lot of fun toys and snacks for less than $10.
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