Wedding Woes

My day so far

We spent two hours at the museum.  I had never been there before, despite living here for 6 whole years and Son has only been there once on a field trip.  It's pretty cool.  There's a family museum in the neighboring city that I'd like to take the kids to this summer as well, though Son may be bored out of his mind because it's supposed to be for smaller kids.

Then we got some lunch and I put the girls down for their naps.

While they were sleeping, Son stayed home while I spent an hour at Old Navy.  I scored several $2 tanks and got a bunch of other sale items for me, the girls and Son.  DH doesn't really care for ON styles.

Now we're just waiting for the girls to wake up and we're going to go to Target.  Poor DH is still working and doesn't think he'll be home in time for us to go out to eat.
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