Wedding Woes


That's a stingray if you can't tell.

Re: hahahahahahahahaha!

  • The girl in the middle is killing me *ded*.
  • Is it another stingray holding the camera while the one in back poses with the wild humans he saw on his vacation?  Because that's how I'm imagining it.
  • I love the ladies on the right just enjoying it all.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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  • i was looking into doing one of the stingray encounters in the Cayman Islands in December, but Wolverine is too young to participate. (She's probably too young to be petting stingrays, anyways...Wink)

    I don't think there's an age restriction on some of the Dolphin encounters, so we may do one of those, instead. 
  • *I* would be the girl in the middle, if this ever happened in my lifetime. 

    *writes "never do a stingray adventure" down*

    *adds "(REAL stingray)"*
  • this totally beats out anything nico's meat flaps could ever do.
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