Wedding Woes

Boordy Vineyard - Steer Clear

In this world where money doesn't grow on trees and customer service is the key to maintaing your clients yet another establishment has lost my business permentantly - this time it's Boordy Vineyards and their obvious lack of communication skills with their staff members. When my fiance and I visited a few weeks ago two different staff members told us all about the reception venue options availab...le there - TWO! - they were even kind enough to give us information and the email address of the woman who handled them. I emailed her yesterday, got a response today - they don't do weddings there and haven't for a while - so sorry. Really? Seriously? You mean to tell me that this isn't a detail that might have been shared with your staff - maybe not at the wine tasting area but in the gift shop where they post that special events may be held there???? Funny though, when we were there we saw what looked to be a wedding reception going on, guess that was a play or something huh? Either way they have lost my business and I will not be encouraging anyone to support them.See More
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