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Old movie review and older movie review

So. one night this weekend, I was waiting for the Mr. to come home and netflix was all stupid, so I went with the first thing that looked remotely amusing on amazon prime...."Failure to launch"

This was stupid.  The romance angle wasn't actually bad, but the 'comedy' art of the rom com was INCREDIBLY lacking.
('spoilers' if you can call them that, to follow)
What was with the running 'gag' of being attacked by wildlife?

I like Zoey Daschenel (sp)...but she ddn't play the "weird, quirky roomie/BFF" role well.  Probably because the character came off as 'creepy' instead of quirky.

The parents were not likable, even when they were supposed to be.

And why was the answer kidnapping?

All around, I don't reccomend.  Not that you expected differently.

Last night, the Mr. and I watched Caddyshack, because I'd never seen it all the way through.
Dated, a few funny moments.
I found it not very memorable.

Re: Old movie review and older movie review

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    I vaguely remember Failure to Launch. It was ok.

    Caddyshack is a classic.
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    The only thing I remember about Failure to Launch is Terry Bradshaw's naked arse because the image was BURNED INTO MY RETINAS! 

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    yeah, the parents being unattractive and extra naked did NOT help.
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