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Monday, Monday

Did you have a good weekend?

I cleaned a little Sat morning then ran a few errands.  Found out after that the curtains I bought for the nursery and M2's room are too short.  Then I spent 2 hrs voting.  While that sucked, it was better than having to take the kids for even a 30 min line.

Sunday was Church then DH packed to leave.  You should have seen the STUFF he was taking.  A huge suitcase, a laundry basket of stuff, a cooler, a case of water, a case of gatorade, and some snacks.  He had the little Matrix loaded down. 

This week is going to be a long one.  Stupid things are bothering my already.  MIL is coming Friday to watch kids.  She's now bringing sFIL.  It's stupid, but he bugs me even more than her and I'm not sure I can handle it.  I also have this unshakeable feeling that something bad is going to happen this week.

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    Also- I backed into that woman 2.5 wks ago.  She said she was going to get estimates that weekend.  It's now been 3 weekends and I have heard nothing from her (it's been 3 weekends now).  I was afraid she lost the info so I called her last night and there was no answer.  

    I'm hoping she got home and her husband fessed up that he'd done the damage and hadn't told her.

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    We didn't work on the floor trim at all this weekend and that's all I wanted to get done.  We just didn't feel like doing it.

    We did some shopping on Saturday and then went to an impromptu dinner at a restaurant 2 hrs away for my SIL's birthday.  It was fun and we hadn't seen my family in a while, so it was nice.
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    We had an excellent weekend and it's still going.  :)

    Friday-We went to my IL's for dinner.  The kiddo stayed with them for the weekend.  We came home and pretty much went to bed.

    Saturday-We hung out and stayed in our PJ's until the afternoon.  DH and I got in a workout each.  Once we cleaned up, we took DefConn to my IL's, went to dinner (where we stayed for-ev-er watching the end of the Notre Dame game), went to the casino (where we doubled our money on Blackjack), went to a pub we enjoy for a couple beers, and then came home and watched "Friends with Benefits".

    Sunday-Yesterday was our 6th anniversary.  Woke up and hung out.  Went to the IL's for a midafternoon dinner and to watch the Colts game.  Came home and hung out. 

    Today-Just worked out.  We're going downtown for lunch and then just hanging out.
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    Mrsconn's weekend WINS!  (except for the TAR shenanigans)

    I'm about to brave Sam's club.  I hope Monday am is a lot easier than a weekend.
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    If was a good weekend. Lunch with a friend, a bit of shopping, and nap or two, some cleaning. A nice quiet weekend.
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    I fought migraines all weekend.

    Saturday I spent the entire day dealing w/ wedding--it was fun but the Mr. and I ducked out early because of mutual migraines--and didn't even get to enjoy our kid-free house.

    Sunday I got things cleaned up while we were kid-free, visited w/ my folks when I picked up Buffy and then had a large 'discussion' w/ the Mr. which I think I'll detail on FB.
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    Total fail of a weekend.   You know it's bad when the highlight is a trip to the Walmarts.
    I'll detail some of it on FB later.  (Not the trip to Walmart, but the rest of the weekend.)
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    Weekend was great.

    Left at noon to get up to the cities by 4 pm.  Friend and I wandered a bit, and then arrived at the meeting house.  All of us (minus 1) showed up by 6:30 and we were well on our way to being drunk by 8:00 pm.  I only lasted until probably 11 and then climbed up to bed.  we all did pretty much at the same time.

    The 4 of us at the house woke up and got ready to run with another friend around the lakes at 9 am.  Did that, it was very fun.  So much fun really.  (fun!) and met up with our 6th friend for breakfast.  Then it was just hanging out at the "home base" all day.  Making cookies, playing games, laughing, drinking began at 4 and ended at 11.  AGAIN.

    Sunday was breakfast and packing up.

    I really am so thankful this weekend happened.  It couldn't have happened at a better time.

    Also, I came to the conclusion we need to recruit an ugly friend.  And that I make horribly ugly faces and "normal" looks weird to me.  But I already really knew that.
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    Got my hair whacked off.  It's not what I wanted (my hairdress saw my pictures and said my head would look bulbous), but I'm happy with it for now.  I've finally achieved the 90s curly bob I always wanted (think Laura Flynn Boyle in the 90s), and since they should be coming back into vogue, I can consider myself on the edge of fashion, I guess.

    Saturday we went for a long walk down a new trail with the dogs and saw a friend's graduation.

    Sunday my mother and I went fabric shopping and got some really good deals (JoAnn's has crazy coupons rights now).  Took my father to Red Lobster for his birthday (his choice, I feel the need to point that out).  Mom e-mailed me the rest of the coupons she has for fabric at JoAnn's.  We found a BEAUTIFUL fabric for a jacket I want to make, that is around $30/yard and I need FIVE YARDS for this damn jacket (it's so gorgeous!), and she has a 60% off one full price item, which makes it somewhat doable.  Here's the jacket:  I think I'm making the pants first, b/c that dress will do nothing for me right now.
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    That jacket is LOVELY, V.  And also, Pic please!?!
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    Varuna - that dress is HOT!  I really like the jacket and skirt, too.   Not so crazy about the pants, but to each their own.  :)
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    O, I have to pull out my camera now.  No more smartphone makes sharing pictures a ginourmous PITA.  So, maybe later.  You can kind of see it in the FB pics I posted the other day.  The curls are mine, but you can't see the length very well.  I'm lazy.  :)

    Also, I can say that making these clothes isn't cheap per se, but it's cheaper than what I'd pay for since I seem to have a liking for Guy Laroche, DKNY and Badgley Mischka.
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    The amount of spanx I'd have to wear to feel comfortable in that dress would mean that I wouldn't be physically comfortable, AF.  :)  

    I like the skirt a lot too, but I have so many skirts like that, that I don't really need to make a new one.  I love a good gaucho pant though.
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    Friday was the usual. DH went to bed early because he had to be up at 5:30 am for work.

    DS and I  went to the local municipal airport on Saturday. They have a restaurant there, and an observation deck upstairs. This airport is apparently the busiest private pilot airport in the country and there are two flight schools there so it's always got planes taking off/landing. DS was in heaven and I had to literally drag him to the car. He kept yelling "They're here! He (meaning a plane) came to see me!"

    Sunday ended up being shitty. It was our 6 year anniversary, and DH made plans to go to FIL's house to help him do something. The original plane was that he'd go over early, be home and either stay with DS or take him to FIL's house so I could have some free time alone. That never happened. DH ended up gone till noon at which time DS needed lunch and a nap, and I had told DH I wanted to go out in the morning because I wanted to come home and nap that day. So my free time was at like 1 pm, and DH was like "whatever, I'm playing computer games". There was a bunch of other BS in with that, and it cumulated into a fight. We got over it and ended up at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Which is pathetic- but oh well. And now I'm sick with something because I've got vomiting and the pewps, which made for a long, somewhat sleepless night.
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    Saturday - attempted to give blood in the am but failed the iron test. I think I am going to start with the iron supliments just to get me over that line. I only failed by half a point! Then I went home to do laundry and wait for DH to get home from work. It was our 5 year anniversary so we drove the 45 minutes to outback for dinner, had the best waiter ever, and then went to see Wreck it Ralph which was just as awesome as advertised.

    Sunday - Went grocery shopping and spent the afternoon with the extended ILs.

    Overall a good weekend. Hopefully today goes just as well since I have a phone interview at noon. I made sure to wear my purple shirt.

    "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." ~C.S. Lewis
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    MizB, those iron supplements helped me a lot.  I started sleeping better and having more energy when I started taking them.  I got the Sam's Club version, 45mg slow absorbing and take them every night now. 
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    [QUOTE]<strong>The amount of spanx I'd have to wear to feel comfortable in that dress would mean that I wouldn't be physically comfortable, AF.  :)</strong>   I like the skirt a lot too, but I have so many skirts like that, that I don't really need to make a new one.  I love a good gaucho pant though.
    Posted by VarunaTT[/QUOTE]

    Breathing is overrated.  ;)
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    Hee.  So is sitting!
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    I'm late to the party, but my weekend was AWESOME. 

    I know a lot of you have seen my posts about The Gatsby Theatre Company on FB. GayH and his best friend started it this year; we did that fundraiser show in August. This weekend was our first annual Artsong Festival over four days, Thursday-Sunday. 

    We expected tiny crowds and not to even break even. We ended up with growing attendance every night for the concerts, and making $900. Which doesn't sound like a lot, but for a brand-new company and a brand-new festival? Is amazing. 

    We also were able to make a lot of new contacts in the Colorado Springs arts community and got some write-ups in local papers. It was a resounding success, and I got promoted to Treasurer instead of being a plain director. It seems we're kind of a big deal all of a sudden. 

    I also got to introduce myself to a bunch of people as Catherine Winters, and I had a half-page ad in the program. We - the board and some of our performers - went for champagne at the Broadmoor on Saturday. It was just an amazing, amazing weekend. If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be this successful, I would have laughed at you. 

    I also got to see BFF on Saturday, since I stayed over Friday night instead of driving back to Denver, and that was wonderful. Her kids are so cute, and we didn't get to see them for Halloween. And I made good progress on the new novel (MADNESS) rewrites. 

    I know I've mentioned how turning 35 feels like a really big deal, and this all just adds to it. Like, I'm suddenly this adult with all these adult things to do, all this professional success coming at me. I know I'm bragging, I'm sorry. I feel really thankful to have met these guys and to be allowed to be a part of their dream, to help them do what they've always wanted in life, and to be part of the arts community like this. I don't really know what I did to deserve it, but it's awesome. 
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    I think you should be proud of yourself, BMom.  I don't think you're bragging (or at least not like the judgey, stupid bragging kind)
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    Yep, you should definitely AW. You've accomplished a lot and it's impressive.
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    Ditto V and PMeg.  You've earned this Bmom!  Enjoy it.
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    hear hear!  I agree with all of the above.  You deserve bragging BM, you've worked hard!
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