An Icelandic scientist (Freysteinn Sigmundsson) has been studying the volcano for 18 years and he is stuck in France. 

This made me laugh, a lot.

Are you guys getting a lot of news coverage of this story?
It's all we're hearing about.
Have you or anyone you know been effected?

At my school the head, 3 teachers, and 10 aides are stuck in various countries.  FFIL is stuck in Spain, at their villa, I'm pretty sure prices on things like food will go up as stuff is just rotting at the airports.  

It's so hard to gage how new stories are give coverage in other countries.  

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    I've been hearing about it quite a bit. My bathingsuits that I ordered were on back order because FEDEX flights have been re routed/cancled, as well as UPS. No one I know is being affected by it though. Expedia, UPS, FedEX, all have messages up about it.
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    I admit to avoiding watching the news because its just depressing, so it took me a few days to realize how severe this issue was.  There definitely is coverage about it...but I've had to seek out more than just the basic facts.  My FBIL was almost stuck in Moscow, but got one of the last flights out.  My old company is UK based and they've been talking about how its messing everything up (meeting planners).  Seems like a nightmare, I would HATE to be stuck somewhere!!

    And yeah, that poor guy is probably eating his heart out in France. :-(
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    I kinda feel bad for the guy in a way.  I mean I bet his whole adult life has bee studying this freaking volcano and then it goes off and he can't get to it.  It's still funny, but sad funny.  

    I am VERY thankful I was not stuck in Delhi, although Goa would have been alright if I got the 100 pounds a day insurance money other people are getting...
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    I guess this is all a good advertisement for getting travel insurance. 

    Have you decided where you're going on a honeymoon? Did you say Thailand?
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    Since I work for the news, I've heard A LOT about this.  heheh.

    One of my co-workers was going to travel to Ireland this weekend, but he cancelled the trip.  He said he isn't worried about getting there, he's worried about getting home!

    I heard two stories last night:  One woman was told the earliest she could get home to England was May 3rd. 

    Also, a Parisian student was told the best way for him to get home was catch a plane from Philly to NYC, then NYC to Morocco, and Morocco to Spain.  From there he could take a bus or a train to Paris.
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    One of the teachers at work was offered a flight May 13th.  We started school after Easter yesterday, that is a month my friends.  

    Yes we are planning on Thailand for our HM, although we will not go until Aug when I have my summer break.  We will go for 3-4 weeks.  

    PS everyone has travel insurance here, often yearly, we do.  We pay something like 30 pounds per year.  If you go on extended travel it's more and if you stay in the US more then 6 weeks it A LOT more.  This is due to our lack of health care.  
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