You've been MIA on this are wedding plans coming along? Are you taking engagement pics soon?
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Re: ***angelstar***

  • We're taking them tomorrow, actually! I'm excited, I hope they come out well! I haven't done much planning lately, so I've mostly been posting over on E, but since I need to get back into it, I'm sure I'll be back here looking for recommendations for things :)

    How are things with you?
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  • That's Great! Don't forget to AW when you get your epics:)
    I'm doing good! I've been working out and eating right so I've lost 10 lbs and I'm wearing a size 4 again! Yay! I've been hanging out with friends, meeting new people and really enjoying myself :)
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  • Awesome, glad to hear you're doing well! I need to start eating right and get back to the gym!
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