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71 AND SUNSHINE...All weekend!  Sealed

Re: *Poof*

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    bigjajapoofbigjajapoof member
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    DUdette I know tell me about it.

    I have open and on my Server at home.
    On my phone I setup Weatherbug. On my iPad i'm using Weather HD.

    I'm READY!!!
    Even though i'm now married you ladies can't get rid of me. Hit me up BOOYAH!!!
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    Sorry to hijack... but I too am looking forward to the great weather that's planned for the 9th! Hopefully they aren't fooling us!
    ~* Diana *~ ~* October 9, 2010 *~



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    ~~~::Sending fabulous weather vibes::~~~

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    *ditto Kim*
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    The 9th was a beautiful day last year if I must say so myself.. heres to a repeat for this year!!!!!   Yay Oct 9 people!
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    I had a wedding that weekend last year.. and it WAS perfect. 

    Happy anniversary, Ooods - and happy almost wedding day to my fellow October 8-9th weekend brides/grooms!
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