Wedding Woes


I feel like we haven't chatted in forever.

How is your summer going?
How is little man doing?
Have you caught any good Lifetime lately?
Are you still finding good shopping deals? You motivate me to try harder in this area.

Just wanted to say hello. I've just been chilling on my end. Four more weeks to go.....

Re: Zilla

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    nola, i swear i was feeling the same thing.

    summer is going okay, no complaints from me.

    little guy is great, such a brat, so much energy! i'm very lucky to have him. and i am very lucky to have HIM.

    i thought of you this morning when i was at the supermarket because i haven't been following my lifetime movies and you know i am sad about that.

    i am addicted to couponing. is my go-to before a shopping trip. i managed to bring my grocery bill down to $50-70 a week. i am proud.
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