Health and Fitness check in Tuesday

Post about any pre-wedding diets, exercise, lifestyle changes, etc. and help motivate each other!

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Re: Health and Fitness check in Tuesday

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    Shortly after our engagement my fiance I reached our goal weight through weight watchers.  We both lost over 50 lbs on the program, and I'm happy to say we've been maintaining well for the past couple months.
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    I lost 5 lbs in a week from my new medicine, but I know it was water weight. I'm probably up 1 or 2 from having pizza the last 2 days. The doctor said I can go to the gym and do cardio, but I should stay away from weights until my shoulder gets a litlte better. I start physical therapy next week, so hopefully I'll be back to doing arm workouts in a month or so!
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    Few days late,
    Lost 6 lbs so far on the 'diet'. I've been doing the gym 3x a week and I'm noticing my pants fit better!!
    Slowly but surely!
    I may be fit by 3/2013!!
    Keep up the good work ladies!!


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