anyone know of any good websites or books for moh speeches? I see plenty of info out there for best man speeches but not much for moh. Examples I can get ideas from would be great. thanks!

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    I wouldn't recommend using info from the web for your speech.  Stick with something short, sweet, and from the heart.  We didn't have BM/MOH toasts - just asked one of our groomsmen who knows us the best as a couple and he spoke about the keys to a happy marriage - like date nights, spending time growing your own interests and supporting one another, etc, intermixed with a few anecdotes from his own marriage.  It was maybe 3 minutes or so.  I also spoke during a friend's commitment ceremony and made it personal to them.  It took me awhile to write it but eventually the words came.
    FWIW, I've heard the "this is the last time you'll ever have the upper hand" schtick at 3 weddings.  People will know if you got your speech from google.
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