Wedding Woes


1.  H is thinking of selling his car.  1988 Ford Mustang, 5.0.  I like the car, but really it doesn't get used that often and he's driving me CUHRAZY asking questions about "what I think?", "what should I do with the money?", blah blah blah.  DUDE!  Just sell or don't sell, but stop asking me.

2.  Our floor drain backed up last night in the basement.  Luckily it was while we did our only load of laundry for the week.  So who gets to run home and wait for the drain dude to come?  Oh  And then scramble and leave town by noon.

3.  AF is coming to town and just in time for a race.  Of course.  B*tch had better not get in my way!

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