Alison Conklin...

Does anyone know how much she charges?  Even a range would be helpful...Thank you!

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    We looked at her for a photographer when we first got engaged and she sent us a pricing sheet... just checked my email and I must have trashed it, sorry! I do remember it being pretty expensive thought... about 4,000 for the basic package.  However, I will say that no matter how much it costs I was going to splurge on her! Too bad she was already booked-- she's amazing!BUT, if you're not looking to spend that much we're going with Alyssa Andrew and it's about 3200 for everything (including all the rights to all pictures taken) and their styles are very similar! I'm glad we ended up with Alyssa, she's great!
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    Brett Martelli is also very inexpensive and has a similar photo journalistic style -  His highest price package is 4k and includes engagement, boudier, a few albums, prints, unlimited coverage etc.  Good deal.
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