Wedding Woes

We did 2 weddings in 25 hrs

And lived to tell the tale.  Highlights:

We stayed at a hotel with a waterpark inside.  Five minutes into the lazy river, DH somehow flipped the tube he and the Woozle were in.  Once she caught her breath, she cried.  So he took her on one of the slides, and they flipped their tube again and slid the bottom 2/3 tubeless.  The Woozle had a nasty friction burn between her shoulder blades, and was too terrified to even cry once DH pulled her out of the water.

At the rehearsal, despite hours of perfect practice at home, when the coordinator told the ringbearer and Woozle that it was their turn, she took off at a dead run and when she reached the makeshift altar, declared "I WIN!!!"  That's my girl.  But oops.

We had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and two pints of Haagen Dazs in the room.  Heaven.

We missed photos beforehand because the Woozle bounced around the bed during naptime, until 10 minutes before it was time to start getting dressed, when she passed out cold.  We let her sleep rather than unleash a sleep deprived preschooler on the happy couple and their guests.

The bride somehow got lipstick on her dress, and I pulled a Shout wipe out of my giant Mom Bag full of fruit snacks, peanut butter crackers, Color Wonder markers, extra 2T/3T underwear, Kleenex, Wet Ones, etc.  Saved the day--it was like a Shout Wipes commercial. 

Could not pry Dory the fish out of the Woozle's hand before the ceremony, despite my best attempts at persuasion.  We had resigned ourselves to letting her carry Dory, and then when it was time, she carried Dory to the last row of chairs, tossed her aside (with gusto) and performed her flower girl duties.  At normal speed. 

Ceremony was great, and short.  Reception was great.  We left when the Woozle was too tired to stand.  Before then, we had fantastic cake, danced with everyone.  The bride's father's toast sounded like he had just started Hooked on Phonics--I guess public speaking isn't his thing, but he made the effort.  The AW MOH gave a toast that was mostly about her, which didn't surprise anyone.

Left at the crack of dawn the next morning to catch our flight to Wedding #2.  The Woozle threw up on the car rental shuttle back to the terminal, and while I was prepared with extra everything, in the confusion I accidentally threw her shirt, shoes, and socks away.  No great loss--who wants to fly around with vomit-encrusted clothing? 

United Airlines deserves to be burned to the ground.  That leg of our trip was United Express, though the whole thing was booked via US Airways.  When we checked in for our flight, the surly ticket agent informed us that US Airways had never paid United for the leg we were about to embark upon, and they were "trying to straighten it out."  B!tch, I booked these tickets in February--if you haven't figured it out by now, that's your problem.  By the time they handed over our boarding passes, we had to run to security, then run from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2...where we boarded a US Airways flight.  That particular United Express flight was "proudly operated" by their Star Alliance "partner," US Airways.  Grrrrrrr.

Flew, checked into the hotel, got room service, everyone napped.  Then Wedding #2.  Very different from the more traditional Wedding #1, but still lovely.  Beautiful little chapel.  The Woozle was one of two flower girls, and together they (and Dory, who proved unpriable this time around) garnered many awwws.  Other SIL sang a tribute to MIL that had everyone in tears.  Fun reception, though the "honorary MOB" gave a crap toast about the "poor choices" SIL #2 (Bride #2) made when she was younger.  She didn't just allude, she ran it into the ground.  Neither the time nor the place, especially since two of those "poor choices" were having Niece when she was 18, and marrying Niece's father.  I'm sure Niece loved that part.  :\

Yesterday we slept in, got breakfast, hung around the hotel room, saw SIL for a little bit (no honeymoon), and got the hell out. 

So there you go.  Two weddings, 25 hours.

Re: We did 2 weddings in 25 hrs

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    *ded* @ "I WIN!"  Indeed, Woozle. 

    That's some insanity.  I'm glad y'all made it out, mostly unscathed. 
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    GBCKGBCK member
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    and lots of AW :)
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    I think the Woozle is my favorite next to 6let.  If they could get married, my head would explode in WW glitter cannon powered tears of joy with a ribbon wand.
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    I am very impressed that you all lived to tell the tale.  That is a lot of flower girling for one weekend.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    You deserve some trooper medals.
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    poor Woozle at the water park.

    love the race to the altar.

    I'm worn out from our travel day yesterday - i can't imagine 2 weddings in 25 hours with a toddler and 3 flights.

    the puke/diaper blowout potential is the reason that we always have 4-5 1gal  ziplock bags, and 2 changes of clothes in our diaper bag. they've come in handy more times than i care to remember.
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