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I have a RPOTD

The town where I work is in a relatively rural area--not seed 'n' feed rural, but not suburban.  It's about 30 min. south of my house, which is about 30 min. south of downtown.  Exurban, I guess.

Anyway, the closest Target is 20-odd miles away, so when I need to run lunch errands I have to go to the Walmart in town.  Today, there was an Asian woman (Vietnamese is my very best guess) doing someone's nails in the Walmart nail salon.

1) I realized that is the first time I have ever seen anyone of Asian descent in this town in 18 months of working here, and that includes the employees at the restaurant named "Japan" (who all appear to Central American).

2) So the only Asian in town is doing nails?  If this were Sullivan & Son, I'd call [edited by TK--let's just say "B.S."], but it's actually true.

3)  There's a nail salon in flipping Walmart?  

Re: I have a RPOTD

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    walmart also does wedding cakes. maybe you should just say bullpoops.

    i mean really. we're not growups that BS has to be edited?
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    Bullsht used to go through just fine. Hmmm. 

    Yeah, WalMart has a nail salon. And a hair salon, usually. I've used both; the quality varies greatly from WalMart to WalMart. None of the ones around here are any good. 
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