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I need new jeans

I was just able to pull them down and back up without unbuttoning and without trying.  I do not want to go shopping for jeans.

Re: I need new jeans

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    You can get those taken a certain degree. Or, go to Goodwill and get a few cheap pairs until you hit your goal weight. TJMaxx hooked me up with a nice pair of Limited jeans, but now they seem too big. I am in between sizes and am having problems.
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    On a lighter note... Congreatulations on the weight loss Laughing. I'd be happy if I could just pull my jeans up without sucking in. haha. The good thing about it being winter is you can wear layers (considering it gets cold where you live). Wear some thermals under your jeans or something. That should make them a little tighter Smile
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    buy /use a belt. that's what i've been doing. it doesn't always look as nice/smooth but it will keep your pants up.

    i bought 1 pair of jeans that fit right now, but am still trying to lose weight, so holding off on more, and belting my others. only "need" long pants for about 3 months of the year, here, so don't want to put too much money into it if i'm in a different size by next nov/dec.  
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    Belts suck, but I do use them.  I really just need clothes all around.  My black loafers are too big.  My brown ones are scuffed beyone polishing.  The sweaters I loved 2 years ago are too big.  I just can't feel put together right now.

    Anyone want to nominate me for What Not to Wear?

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