Wedding Woes


Thank you for the kick in the pants.  Advisor still thinks the dissertation is ready for the committee, but he wanted a chance to finish reading it.  We have a targeted time period, but not an exact date.  He said he'll get back to me next week.  I'm holding him to that.

He's also finally going through e-mails I sent two weeks ago...

Re: ::MinM::

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    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past "he wanted a chance to finish reading it."
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    I probably should have put "again" in there.  He's read this stupid thing at least half a dozen times by now.
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    This is why I am happy I was manager of the lab. I was second in line, and first to be heard. I'm seeing advisor for lunch tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.
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    On a personal level, I really like my advisor.  He wasn't super intense, was usually available to anyone, and was totally interested that you have a life.  Professionally, he's a bit of a disaster.  He's a pack-rat, disorganized, and can always think of more things that could be done to enhance your research (resulting in never ending projects). 

    I used to be able to pop into his office and keep him on track.  The problem is I no longer work at the university and advisor is semi-retired, so I can't just pop in.
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