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My crabby

We showed up at 950 for my 10 am OB appt.  At 1030 I walk up to the window to find out how long it's going to be.  They look me up and say something about the midwife and they'll see.  I said I didn't have an appt with the midwife, but with an OB, but whatever. 

They take me back and we wait another 20 mins so I go out to see what's up.  That's when I find out the doc was called to the hospital sometime before 10.  Why didn't they call or say something when I showed up?!  I get that things happen, but this is the third time I've been to this doc (not my normal) and she's been 45-60 mins late every time.

Apparently I was supposed to get some bloodwork 4 wks ago that never got ordered (by the running late doc).  Baby is fine though.

The grocery was a ZOO today too.  Luckily everyone was incredibly friendly and my kids were being very good.

Re: My crabby

  • Dang...that is some crappy service.
  • That would piss me off and I would have no problem telling them as much.   Is this the doctor that will be delivering the new kid?
  • Oh, I made my feelings known.  This is not the one that will be delivering baby and I was very vocal that I refuse to make an appt with her again.  Mt doc has always been close to on time except once.  That one time we knew going in and got updates all along. 

    The part that gets me even more riled is it's not as convenient for me to go to this practice/hospital, I just REALLY like my normal doc.  If I delivered somewhere else I'd leave with a free pump and an appt to see a nurse at home.  I have to prepay for the pump and get reimbursed and jump some hoops to get the nurse check up.
  • Wow, your doc must be great.  Now I want to know where the heck you're delivering.  (PM/FB if you don't mind sharing.)
  • You have FBM
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