Wedding Woes

Wedding Freak Out

Hello to all my fellow beautiful brides,

I am getting married on sept. 10th of this year. The planning has been challenging but tolerable thus far (minus a few rip my hair out moments).

I am reaching out to you ladies as I just feel SO much pressure!! First of all, we have had many changes in the last year. We moved to a different city, got a new car, changed jobs, etc.

I feel so stressed with life but at the same time feel I am freaking out on my fiancee for every little thing. If he doesn't do something as simple as taking the trash out when I ask him to I wonder "am I going to be stuck taking the trash out for the rest of my life?". Everything is amplified and bigger. I don't want to be insane and nagging constantly. I just want to know if it's normal to make his faults SO much larger in my head because this is now forever.....

Any input helps!!
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