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So my wedding is September 28th and I asked my pregnant cousin who lives outside the country to be in my wedding.  She is so exicted and wants to come and be part of it but because she is due in February with her first child she doesnt want to commit to being part of the wedding or saying shes flying into the country just yet.  She doesnt want to have to cancel.  She wants me to wait for her decision until February.  The rest of the girls will be purchasing their bridesmaid dresses next month and I'm scared that if I wait for her response I wont be able to get her the dress as it may be discontinued from Davids Bridal.  What do you think I should do? I kinda want to buy the dress now not knowing if she will be able to or not in order to not risk it... what do you guys suggest? 
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    Tell her that you'd love to have her be a bridesmaid, and if she decides on that, she can wear a dress in the same color as your other maids. (Perhaps let all the maids just choose a dress in a single color, so she won't stand out.) 

    But also let her know that you can imagine how much her life is going to change, and you're so excited for her to be a mom, and if she wants to simply be a guest, you understand that, too, and just want to see her. 
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    couldn't people just wait until Feb. to purchase dresses? Aren't most of David's bridesmaid dresses off the rack, anyways? 

    otherwise i agree with bmom. tell her if she can't commit to a decision now, you'd still love to have her as a guest. her clothing sizes/fit may change drastically post baby - so your best guess of what to order now may not even be altered to fit in Sept.
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    I have some advice for you.  Delete your knot user name/profile and set a new one up that doesn't have your full name and occupation in the title.
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    I think if it's that important that she be in her wedding, then the dress is not a big deal.  Conversely, if the dress is more important than she is, then I guess you do what you have to do.

    I do think that if she decides in Feb., that should allow plenty of time to get a dress.  I'm not sure what she thinks will magically change in February--if that's when she's due, then being hugely pregnant and/or adjusting to a newborn won't exactly help her decision making process.  I could see if she wanted to wait until things settled down with the new baby, but I doubt that it will happen by February.
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