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prep the WW bail fund

because I'm going to kill DK.

we have a Christmas tradition of driving around to look at lights every year. while we were driving around on Sunday, Wolverine got sick, so we had to wash her carseat.

DK reassembled it and reinstalled it in my car last night. I saw him carrying it out to the car yesterday, and asked if he had any issues putting it together and if he wanted me to help him get it back in the car. he said no, everything was fine.

he leaves for work about 30 minutes before me in the morning, before daycare opens, so i drop off wolverine most of the time. This morning i went out to the car to put her in, and could immediately tell that  the carseat wasn't put together correctly. i put her on the floor in the backseat and try to straighten up the back/headrest/etc. this takes me 5 or so minutes. it is 40 degrees this morning, and i have a cold, so i was not having a good time of things. once the padding is fixed, i try to strap Wolverine in, but the straps won't tighten. I fiddle with the seat for another 5 minutes, but with no luck. i have to take the poor kid back into the house and put her in her pack and play so i can uninstall the seat. at this point i call DK and chew him out, as he's wasted at least 15 minutes of my morning. I spend another 10 minutes trying to find the carseat instructions. at this point he calls me and tells me he will come home and help. i tell him i don't give a f*ck what he does, i don't want to talk to him.

it takes me a good 30 minutes to figure out what he did, disassemble the seat and put it back together correctly. as i'm washing my hands, he waltzes in the door, like the big hero and carries the thing out to my car, and promptly tries to (incorrectly) install it. i take over, clip the straps into place, make him tighten it, and go back inside to get wolverine.

he (gallantly) offers to take wolverine to daycare to "save me some time" so I can get to the office faster. (he'll work from home so he doesn't have to make the 50mi round trip again) I told him to EABOD, handed him the baby and left.

Re: prep the WW bail fund

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    Where's Nico with her "DTMFA" line?

    Serioiusly though, it's good to hear that other people go through things like this.  I can totally picture this scenerio played out at my house and it would be very similar.   My DH has no spatial reasoning skills (or handyman skills) whatsoever - - example:  this morning he couldn't figure out how to get the sink sprayer to pull out all the way.  It was stuck on something under the sink and he could not grasp how that could occur or how to fix it.
    FFS, it's a good thing they have women like us, isn't it?
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    what pisses me off about the whole situation is that it was completely avoidable - had he taken the 15-30 minutes to look at the instructions last night, rather than fumble through on his own, this wouldn't have happened.

    he "apologized"  - but i'm not having it.

    i'm expecting a real apology later today, preferably with dinner. he owes me.
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    Mine's not as serious, but I'll share:

    We got home xmas eve from my parents' house and started assembling a few of the things the kids got that day.  DH never reads instructions and thinks he knows how to put everything together.

    Well he effed up a Little Tykes workbench and I had to fix it, letting him know how badly he screwed it up.  I had it figured out in less than 5 minutes by simply reading the instructions.

    I found him reading instructions for things the next morning without my nagging him again.

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