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2 Wedding Showers

My future mother in law keeps trying to get my mom to plan my shower down by her (she lives 2 hours away).  When I told her that will not be happening because most of the guests live by me she insisted on throwing me a separate shower.  This is very generous but I find it very unnecessary.  The reason why she is insisting is because her family refuses to drive 2 hours.  I am comfortable with not having them attend if that is their decision.  I absolutely HATE showers to begin with and I feel like it is taking away from my mothers moment, she feels like it is turning into a competition.  Am I being ridiculous or is it ok to politely say that I appreciate the offer but would prefer one shower?

Re: 2 Wedding Showers

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    Eh, I'd say let her plan a separate shower.  I completely understand where you're coming from, but would it upset her if you asked her not to?  Would it be worth upsetting her?

    I'm all for being honest and putting your foot down, but I also choose my battles.

    Is Mother of the Bride planning the shower a regional thing? 
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