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Cereal Review

I blame Costco for this purchase. Chocolate Frosted flakes. Nice and crunchy, perfectly chocolate flavored for a cereal and NOT too sweet. As much as I like sugar right now, too sweet would kill me. I sampled the stuff today and walked out with a box.

Re: Cereal Review

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    have you tried Krave?

    o m g. it's the work of the devil himself. so good. i bought it on sale when it was like .70 and i wish i bought 4 boxes. i didn't expect it to be the most amazing thing ever.
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    Krave is awesomely horrible. The color sort of scares me, it's weirdly orangish brown but that stuff is tasty.
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    krave is great for like 3 bites, then it's soggy and awful.

    It's good to eta dry though.
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    I read the title of this post and came over to post exclusively about how much I love Krave, before reading anyone else's posts.
    Krave and I should create a wedding website because that's how serious I am about Krave.
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